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10 Years Ago

10 Years Ago – Stewart & Stevenson– Stimulated to continue century-Long Tradition of Excellence

It was in early 2007 when Stewart & Stevenson LLC of Houston, Texas acquired Calgary-headquartered Crown Energy Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of drill­ing, well servicing, workover rigs and stimulation equipment.

“As a result of this acquisi­tion, Stewart & Stevenson will be the largest provider of well stimulation equipment in North America,” said Robert L. Hargrave, CEO of Stewart & Stevenson, at the time.

The company, which em­ploys 3,400 people worldwide, including 450 in Calgary, has major manufacturing facilities in Canada and the U.S. It also has 54 locations across the globe, including Colombia, Venezuela, China and Russia.

In business for more than 100 years (it was founded in 1902), Stewart & Steven­son’s diversified product offerings include equipment for well stimulation, well workovers and service, drilling, coiled tub­ing, cementing, nitrogen pumping, power generation and electrical systems as well as engines, transmissions and materials handling equipment.

“Acquiring Crown was a perfect match for us,” explains Stewart & Stevenson Canada General Manager Michael Hauser, who has been with the company for 14 years and in the manufacturing business for more than three decades. “Crown’s stimulation equipment complemented our U.S. stimulation equipment. And on the rig side, it was the best opportunity for us to get into that market.”

Since the 1950s, Stewart & Stevenson has engineered quality well servicing products to support the oil and gas industry— onshore, offshore and around the world, from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Caspian Sea to the deserts of the Middle East and the coldest re­gions of Siberia. Products manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson Canada build on this tradition.

“We offer the most complete line of stimulation equipment available, which means we can meet your application’s re­quirements from start to finish, whether you need acidizing equipment or a fracturing pump,” says Hauser, “And when it comes to customer service, you can count on Stewart & Stevenson to be there every step of the way, from helping you design the equip­ment best suited for your application to the final commissioning in the oilfield.”

Utilizing 3D CAD engineering models and lean manufacturing flow lines, Stewart & Stevenson attains top quality products and on-time delivery.

Engineered Oilfield

Products – Rig Equipment

Stewart & Stevenson’s line of top-qual­ity drilling, workover and well servicing equipment serving the global oilfield service industry meets rigorous industry standards estab­lished by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standards Organization (ISO), as well as those in the countries where it operates.

“Our in-house design, engineering, manufactur­ing, testing and after-sales capabilities allow us to offer customers services from concept to completion and beyond,” says Hauser, “Pio­neering technological advancements in rig manufacturing, such as the Stewart & Ste­venson drawworks components, are serving oilfield suppliers and rig manufacturers locally and internationally,” he adds. “Our rig products manufactured in Canada and the U.S. operate in North America, Argentina, Russia, Germany and Brazil, and we look to expand our markets as we move forward.”

In keeping with Stewart & Stevenson’s century-old tradition of aftermarket service, the company provides rig com­missioning and servicing, retrofitting with parts and service available 24/7.

The company offers several models of drilling rigs in multiple configurations, and can custom-build rigs to meet the most challenging operational requirements. “We offer full rig packages that include masts, substructures, drawworks, rotary drives, top drives and automated pipe handling equipment, depending on each client’s needs,” explains Rig Sales & Quotations Manager Bob Postma. Other support equipment includes, pumping equipment, transporters, doghouse/crew quarters, mud tanks and catwalk/piperack packages.

Stewart & Stevenson manufactures an impressive array of technically advanced innovative rigs that operate domesti­cally and internationally. For instance, the versatile 550 rig can be used for drilling, workover or well servicing applica­tions, and is available in skid-, carrier- or trailer-mounted configurations. The telescopic mast has a hook-load capacity of 104’-250K and it can drill up to 8,000 feet, with workover and well servicing capacity up to 13,500 feet.

The 750, 900 and 1000 models are avail­able as trailer-mounted, self-propelled or skid-mounted configurations with electrical or mechanical drawworks. Mast capacity ranges from 118’-350K up to 118’-440K for heavier applications. Drilling depth reach­es 10,000 to 12,000 feet while workovers can accommodate 16,000 to 18,000 feet.

For clients with more challenging drilling requirements, the company of­fers custom-built rigs with 1250, 1500, 2000 horsepower and beyond. With hook load capacities ranging from 136’-750K to 148’-1200K, and drilling ranges from 20,000 to 25,000 feet, these units can operate under the most extreme and demanding conditions.

For workovers, Stewart & Stevenson offers Flushby, 200, 350 and 550 models designed for lightweight, durable and ver­satile rigs. Known for fast and easy rig-up and user friendly operation and mainte­nance, these self-contained units have very few removable parts and require little or no assembly at the job site, thus benefiting customers with reduced downtime and saved man-hours. Like other units, these rigs are available in carrier-, trailer- or skid-mounted configurations.

The company offers equipment refur­bishment that ranges from simple cleaning, repair and a new paint job to a complete rebuild. “We have the talent and tools to complete any refurbishment, whether it is for a rig or a fleet, an engine or a genset, a transmission or other equipment,” explains Manager of Rig Programs Dave Keck, who has 33 years in the industry.

“Our team of experts has the mechani­cal, electrical and structural repair experi­ence to accomplish any refurbishment, quickly and cost effectively. The end result is a like-new product at nearly half the cost that will provide years of extended service life,” he continues. “Our on-site testing capabilities allow us to hydraulically pull test up to 1 million pounds.”

Also of interest are the company’s AC/VFD control systems, which are devel­oped completely in-house. Each includes a custom-designed control panel for ease of operation, connecting and operating every piece of rig equipment on the rig site.

Engineered Oilfield Products

– Stimulation Equipment

Stewart & Stevenson’s stimulation equip­ment is renowned across the globe. “Here in Canada, we offer frac equipment, blend­ers, data vans, coiled tubing rigs, acidizers, cementing and nitrogen units,” Hauser explains. “Our stimulation equipment is cus­tomized to suit our clients needs and we are focusing our energy towards new products in international markets.”

Fracturing Equipment – Stewart & Stevenson developed the world’s first 100 barrels per minute blender in 1959. Fast forward close to 50 years and you’ll find the company is still innovating and setting the industry standard with some of the most reliable, efficient and productive equipment available.

“Our blenders feature highly efficient closed loop hydraulic systems that provide faster response than open loop systems while consuming less power and produc­ing less waste heat for longer component life and reduced maintenance require­ments,” Hauser says. “Our AccuFrac System provides automated density and chemical controls in a user-friendly interface that can be installed and operated from the unit or a data van.”

Such equipment as pumpers, blenders and data vans are now manufactured in Canada.

Hydration and Chemical Additive Systems – These systems are designed to provide polymer injection and hydra­tion to eliminate post-job waste while increasing slurry viscosity. Stewart & Stevenson’s units, equipped with the AccuFrac System, allow the operator to tailor fluid systems to perform the most difficult treatments on the fly while auto­matically proportioning chemicals.

“As with other units in our extensive line of stimulation equipment, we offer a variety of configurations and packages to best suit your application. We can custom-design your equipment to feature trailer-, truck- or skid-mounted configurations,” he explains. “The system is also available as a standalone chemical additive unit or a combination chemical additive and hydra­tion blender.”

Acidizing – Stewart & Stevenson acidiz­ing units bring high horsepower pumping, acid transportation and fluid mixing capa­bilities to the wellsite in a single unit pack­age. “Our units are efficiently designed and fully integrated, allowing operators to accomplish multiple acidizing treatments quickly so they can move on to their next job,” says Hauser.

Data Acquisition and Control Centres – Getting the right information at the right time can be the difference between a quality treatment job and ruining a

well. Thanks to a user-friendly interface that provides real-time data about the ongoing fracturing treatment, Stewart & Stevenson’s Data Acquisition and Control Centres greatly improve job quality while providing a centralized and comfortable command centre to monitor and control all critical well site equipment.

The company’s AccuFrac System, for example, is included with the Data Acquisi­tion and Control Centre, allowing clients to control a variety of stimulation equipment, including blenders, hydration units and chemical additive units. “This enables you to reduce the number of equipment opera­tors required to complete the treatment,” he explains. “Up to 24 fracturing pumps can be controlled through a single work­station, and the centres come equipped with UPS systems and solid-state CPUcomponents to minimize downtime.”

Stewart & Stevenson’s wireless option provides for a “cable free” wellsite.

Cementing – The company has designed and manufactured cementing equipment for the oilfield since the 1950s. Stewart & Stevenson’s high-energy, recir­culating mixing systems, available with or without automated density controls, provide consistent cement density profiles that meet the most difficult job require­ments. The company’s cementing systems include batch mixing units and high-pres­sure pumping.

Coiled Tubing – Since beginning the design and manufacture of coiled tubing equipment in 1990, Stewart & Steven­son has positioned itself as one of the industry’s leading suppliers of high-qual­ity, reliable fit-for-purpose coiled tubing equipment to service companies world­wide for onshore or offshore applications. The company is best known for its light­weight, high pull capacity injector heads. Custom projects in Canada have pioneered CT products with masts, something unique to company operations.

Nitrogen – Stewart & Stevenson manufactures nitrogen pumping units in fired and non-fired (heat recovery) versions. It also manufactures non-cryo­genic gaseous nitrogen generation using membrane technology.

As for nitrogen pumping systems, the company is an original equipment manufacturer of vapourization systems for use in the oilfield services and under-balanced drilling industries. Standard configurations to vapourize and pump nitrogen provide from 90,000 SCFH to 1,200,000 SCFH at discharge pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Stimulation Support Equipment – The company provides an extensive array of high-quality support equipment and can design a fit-for-purpose solutions:

* Manifold trailers, trucks, and skids (high-and low-pressure)

* Proppant transport and storage systems

* Mobile job site laboratories

* Treating line safety restraint trailers

* Field iron transports

* Centrifugal pump units

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