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10 Years Ago

10 years Ago – May 2008


Lynn and Tony were seasoned participants, their previous experiences were largely at the side tables. However, they both enjoyed dominant chip positions to that of Wade’s cache. Fortunes changed for Tony as current chip leader on a brazen bluff that failed and cost him a chance for the second place prize of $3,500 from Uniglobe. What ensued after could only be considered epic. Evoking visions of the oldtimer’s bare-knuckle boxing with no set rounds or time limits. Indeed, one must wonder if Wade is any relation to Don “The Bull” Adams, known for his clandestine matches throughout England. Against such a setting, the chip lead was traded back and forth withboth finalists winning hard-fought gains only to have their successes clawed back by the tenacity and hot cards that each opponent was dealt. As midnight was looming over the fierce but battle-weary combatants, Wade moved all in before the flop, forcing Lynn to call. Turning up her pocket Jacks, the crowd had to question if Wade’s bravado had finally gotten the better of him or if he was simply too exhausted from making his momentous resurrection. But he was unmoved – turning up his “Pocket Rockets” (pair of Aces in the vernacular). The flop brought nothing to change the results, with Lynn’s hopes resting on the turn and the river as her only out. In the end, the original pair stood and Wade emerged victorious, quickly rising to his feet to congratulate his very apt adversary. Bet Against Cancer continues to enjoy the support of a variety of sponsors and players alike in the pursuit of fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. While the Tangerine Supper Club provided a top-rate meal, service and venue for this fourth event, it continues to be the guests who contribute to the overall success and enjoyment the evening. Thank you to all who participated and continuing to make this event an enjoyable viable vehicle to raise money for a worthy cause. We look forward to inviting you to attend again early to mid-September. Thanks to Nicole Tetrault of Apache Canada and Duncan Milne of Thackray Burgess for hosting this fun and worthwhile event.

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