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Off Grid Energy Showcased Latest Technology for Behind Meter Storage Sector

Off Grid Energy, expert in the manufacture of rugged energy storage systems suitable for use across a range of applications from hybrid temporary power, EV charging, grid support services and decentralized mini grids, showcased its latest range of Universal Battery Energy Storage Systems (U-BESS) at the 2017 Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference (LCNI).

The Ingenium range of U-BESS includes self-contained storage and power conversion systems, offering storage, peak shaving and grid forming capabilities. Off Grid’s latest innovation, the Ingenium Plus, is managed by the company’s advanced Energy Management System (EMS) that enables additional functions such as grid support services (including FFR, demand shift and energy absorption) and for multiple “behind the meter” functions and operating states delivered from a single asset.

“LCNI brings together professionals involved in the latest electricity and gas network innovation projects, providing invaluable networking opportunities and the chance for us to showcase our latest technology for the industry,” said Danny Jones, CEO at Off Grid Energy.  “Off Grid Energy’s area of expertise is in off grid, temporary power or behind the meter grid connected systems. Our products range between 400VA for hand portable systems through 5-90kVA temporary power units through to 1MVA solutions that can be modularized above this rating where required and for behind the meter storage applications.”

Off Grid Energy’s U-BESS provide a wide range of features that can be customized to suit a users’ specific requirements, and its advanced EMS can be adapted and developed in a way that ensures future proofing.

Key features of the Ingenium Plus series include: 400/230V 50Hz 3Ø output up to 1000kVA; option for MV output with additional transformer; GSM Remote monitoring; up to 1000kWhr stored energy; behind the meter power enhancement services; range of grid support services; advanced EMS with touch screen control; modular design for increased capacity; full G59 protection integrated; and quick availability and installation.

Off Grid Energy pioneered the use of energy storage technology in power generation systems for construction, events, and utilities since first applications in 2010. Since then, OGE has led the way in design and manufacture of a range of products that deliver significant fuel efficiency improvements and so drive down costs, reduce emissions and eliminate noise. Recently, Off Grid Energy have applied expertise gained in energy storage and expanded the product range in response to emerging EV charging and behind the meter storage markets.

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